Torel 1884

The theme of “Torel 1884 Suites & Apartments” is that of the Portuguese discoveries and the exotic things, such as fabrics, materials, spices and animals that the explorers came across and brought back from their journeys to faraway lands. Hence, each of the 23 Suites and Apartments is named after one of them, such as porcelain, tea, or exotic birds. The idea was to showcase their origins through colours, fabrics, materials and light.


"The idea of luxury accommodation in a historic building in the very heart of Porto has become reality: we have just opened the doors of Torel 1884 Suites & Apartments where we offer you 12 deluxe rooms and Suites in our former Palace. In addition, you can choose from our 11 unique Apartments located 200 metres away, on Rua das Flores, downtown Porto’s trendiest street.

Our stunning Palace dates back to 1884, and we have filled it with the spirit of the Portuguese explorers: travel the world by visiting Africa, America and Asia, and discover a different exotic theme in each room – from spices and silk to coffee, tea, porcelain and tapestry."