CPH Living

"There is nowhere else quite like this in Copenhagen – and you won’t find anything closer to the water. A floating 12-bedroom hotel converted from an old German barge, it’s permanently moored in the city centre and makes an unusual, relaxing place to stay. Just being a boat earns plenty of points on the character front, and the Danish eye for design is also much in evidence, with simple, contemporary styling, natural woods and splashes of colour from original paintings and red accessories. There are Arne Jacobsen desk chairs and Le Klint lamps in the bedrooms, and the double-height reception/communal area features an eye-catching light fitting made from a cluster of big bare bulbs on long red wires. The rooms, spread over two decks, are compact but clean-lined and uncluttered, with hardwood floors and a nifty streamlined storage unit that also houses the TV. Beds are comfortable, bathrooms simple but functional, and windows all along one wall look over the water, with reflective glass that prevents passing kayakers from seeing in.


CPH Living is a boutique hotel. It is furnished with a mix of specially designed furniture and Danish furniture classics . Materials is maritime where woods is a recurring theme throughout the hotel. CPH Living gives you a unique opportunity to be close to the city pulse and at the same time you can relax by the water. All 12 rooms have panoramic views of the water and Copenhagen's old city part. The passing ships, the sound of the water and the seagulls, tune you in to seek new adventures in the city that await you at the dock.