A Sea Scape

One of Goa's best-kept secrets Elsewhere is located on a relatively private spit of land overlooking the ocean, separated from the rest of the world by a saltwater creek. Four simple, yet charming houses located on a beach where the footprints, fishermen and turtles are still to be seen. Owned by Goan local, Denzil Sequeira, access to 'Elsewhere' is via a private, bamboo footbridge across the creek that separates the beach from the rest of the world.


The road follows the Chapora River downstream through fishing hamlets before turning north. From here it winds through fields full of rice, chillies and onions before climbing on to the plateau giving breathtaking views of the beach and ocean. A few kilometers further on you will drop down and follow the shoreline until a Creek forces the road to turn inland. Stop here to admire the view because ahead lies 'Elsewhere'.